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Anonymous asked: where do you work? xx

I work for a company called DCK. At the moment I’m working in topshop and miss selfridge


Perfect tutorial to a perfect kiss

Oh cmon

Every time my mum tells me how proud she is of me for dealing with this illness so well I just feel like a little kid again who cries every time their mum leaves the room. Cry cry cry.

Anonymous asked: What are you doing in Brighton this weekend?

nothing :( i was meanna being going back home but now i have to work :( 

Anonymous asked: Don't you work full time?

no only part time 

Anonymous asked: Have you always been that thin? Your body is lovely and so is that outfit. Did you buy it in th end? Xx

Yeah. Thank you so much!! No I wish I could but it’s too expensive for both the shorts and top :( donations are welcome though please xox

Anonymous asked: Do you have any advice for making your body like that? Tips?x

No I don’t do anything special, I walk quite a bit but that’s it

Anonymous asked: How did you get yourself so tiny! Perfect

Hahah aw thanks!!


I wish I wasn’t so annoying like I even piss myself off

Anonymous asked: your body is to die for.

Oh jeez thanks!!!

For anon

Anonymous asked: post a recent pic of your butt or yourself at least :(

I’m not gonna post my butt cause I got no pics id feel comfortable putting on the internet but I’ll post a pic I took today